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Make You Bathroom Ceiling Something to Look Up To

In remodeling your bathroom, the ceiling is probably the last thing you are thinking about.  Your plans always include your bathtub or shower, the sink and vanity, the commode, the flooring, wall décor, and window coverings.  The ceiling is always left as the thought, since most people don’t stare at the ceiling when they use the room.  However, you can give your bathroom a completely different and unique look by the way you plan for your ceiling.

The obvious first choice for most people is to paint the ceiling.  Quite often, in the name of saving a few dollars, the ceiling color is the same as the walls since the paint is already purchased.  There is definitely no harm in that plan, especially if you have other decorative ideas that you plan to implement.  For example, if you use different designs on the walls, a solid colored ceiling is suggested so the room doesn’t have that “busy” look.  However, if the walls are a solid color, the ceiling can be painted in contrasting color for a fresh look.  Normally, the contrasting color is lighter than the walls to make the room feel bigger and brighter.  A good-quality, high-gloss paint is suggested for easy cleaning and moisture resistance.

After painting your bathroom ceiling, why not go one step farther?  Creating an open, repeating pattern in contrasting colors gives the room a unique look.  There are different techniques such as stencils, sponge painting, and brush swirls that can create designs that are like no other found in stores.  If you aren’t fond of repeating patterns, then a ceiling border around the room can add a classy, rich look to the room.

Although they aren’t used very often in bathrooms, ceiling murals are available.  For example, a mural of a bright country scene or a gorgeous sunrise can lend to the relaxing atmosphere of the room.  The most chosen mural for this application is usually a scenic picture of the sky, giving the feeling of an open ceiling.

One of the latest trends in bathroom ceiling décor is tin tiles.  Snap-lock panels, nail-in, or a drop ceiling with framing is used, with the tiles available in a variety of colors and patterns.  They are an excellent way to add that rich feeling to a room, while being moisture resistant and long-lasting.  Adding a regal pattern in your favorite color will make your ceiling something to look up to.

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Photo credit: Meng He