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Bathroom Remodeling Design Tips for Half-Bathrooms

By Kristina Schneider

Many homes contain what are known as “half-bathrooms” (or “half-baths”).  Half-baths typically don’t have a bathtub or shower and are usually located near common rooms such as living rooms or kitchens.  Half-baths are typically the most high-traffic bathrooms, because they are intended for guests—hence, the lack of a bathtub or shower.  Half-baths are also usually very small and contain very limited space.

Here’s some remodeling and designing tips for those looking to give your half-bath a makeover:

  • Be Deliberate.  Before designing away at your half-bath, as yourself some important questions that will help you in your re-designing.  Here are just a few questions to ask yourself:
    • Is the bathroom mainly for guests or members of the family?
    • Will there be any children using the bathroom regularly?
    • Where is the bathroom located and where would people be coming in from to use the bathroom?
    • What kind of natural light do you have to work with?  Windows?  Skylights?
    • Can you build in to the walls at all for added storage space and depth to the room (see photo)?
  • Get a Fancy Sink.  Since half-baths are usually more commonly used by guests and visitors, use your sliver of a space in your home to get fancy.  Find a fancy or unusual sink for this bathroom that will certainly grab your guests’ interest and will surely become the subject of many conversations!
  • Let Your Light Shine.  Your half-bath may be limited in opportunities to bring in natural light through windows or skylights, but it doesn’t mean that your half-bath has to be dark or dull either.  Utilize bright colors on the walls and opportunities to bring in different kinds of lighting, including decorative lights for storage units and over the sink.
  • Breathe!  Another down-side to half-baths and their lack of windows is that they may not have the best ventilation to circulate the moisture that accumulates in any bathroom (including one without a shower).  Here’s a blog entry about ideas for ventilation ideas.

Whatever you decide to do with your half-bath remodel, just remember to have fun with it and be creative.  This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your personal style and allow one of the smallest rooms in your home to become one of the biggest as it comes to life!

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